School Uniform

CVLCC has a long-standing uniform policy at each of our three campuses. We believe uniforms foster a sense of community and allow students to focus on what matters most in the classroom, academics. Furthermore, research supports CVLCC’s belief that the uniform policy promotes school safety, improves discipline, and enhances the learning environment. U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Justice Program Manual on School Uniforms states that “school uniforms may decrease violence and theft, prevent gang members from wearing gang colors and insignia at school, promote student discipline, help parents and students resist peer pressure, help students concentrate on their schoolwork, and enable school officials to recognize school intruders.”

Students must wear a school uniform. The school staff reserves the right to make judgments on any article of clothing or mode of dress, which poses the potential for the disruption of learning and/or compromises a safe and orderly learning environment. In addition, no hats are permitted and "Free Dress" days or birthday attire must follow proper guidelines. 

CVLCC Elementary Dress Code 

Rainy Day Attire
Students MUST follow uniform policy on rainy days. Raincoats and boots should stay within the colors of the school uniform for each grade band (TK-12). Umbrellas are allowed and need to be kept outside of the classroom. Umbrellas must be child safe. (No-point safety tip umbrellas are encouraged).

Physical Education Attire
Students will participate in Physical Education (P.E.) based on the individual student’s schedule. On P.E. days, the student should wear his or her P.E. uniform. Sweatpants and sweatshirts must comply with the colors of the school uniform for each site.

Uniform Providers

French Toast

Plaid Skirts Only
Claudia Lopez
(619) 454-2731

Mario's Family Clothing
7761 Broadway
Lemon Grove, CA 91945
(619) 469-8391

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